New Space ViVa

The Viking team has accomplished another first in the world! We now have a 3-dimensional ViVa piezo actuator working and delivering great results.

The device is being used to cancel vibrations from 20 to 400 Hz. From our research, this is also a world’s first. There have been white papers published on the theory, but no other device had actually accomplished this yet.

I’ll be posting more on this in the coming weeks.


Jeff Will Join The Conversation Soon!

Jeff is really looking forward to his journey here with you on  and once he returns from the Snowy Northeast he will be here to join you. Please check out his bio site at in the meantime to get a little more insight and he would love to hear your comments on that new project.  His company, Viking AT, in Sarasota, FL is and of course we always love for visitors to take a look at what we do.


Here is one of Jeff’s favorite quotes as it applies to his work:


“ To business that we love we rise betime and go to it with delight. . .  ”

– William Shakespeare

and a recent video of him catching a big one in the Gulf by his home:

Happy Wednesday everyone!