Viking AT Receives Recognition For Role In Developing Green Technology

We’re so excited to be interviewed by The Waterfront Restaurant. Their interest in sustainability goes way beyond their food: they’re also interested in cutting-edge green technology. We sat down with them and chatted about the energy-saving benefits our piezo actuators have over traditional solenoids. Check out the full interview over at their blog!

On The Cutting Edge Of Green Technology: An Interview With Viking AT

Something Different

OK, so I’m diverging from the normal path. Thought we’d take on a fun project. We designed a new competition Intake Plenum that adapts the Porsche GT3 throttle body to fit in the Cayman. Ben did a great job with software modelling flow and velocities.

Steve did an incredible job making the prototype. We dyno tested HP before and after installation, with all else the same. The results are everything we hoped for and more. Saw a 12 HP gain at the wheels, but the real news is a 19% gain in torque at the wheels in the high RPM range! What fun.

Piezo Actuator Pump

Wow, it just keeps getting better!

So the Viking team has come up with a really cool liquid pump, based on our new 3-dimensional ViVa piezo actuator. I believe this will have many applications, as it can pump water, fuel, or just about any liquid. It can be scaled to small size for small flow rates and big for high flow rates. It can provide variable flow that can be controlled. We can even apply our ViVa piezo valves for ultra-low power consumption and make this thing reversible.

I’ll post pictures soon.